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2012-04-20 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.25:
        - code restructured
        - added support for the BT.709 color space and the “Video Colorspace”
          property that has been introduced with recent versions of Aegisub.
            - updated everything, switched to MinGW-w64
              (same toolchain as mplayer2 now)
2011-09-22 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.24.1:
            - updated libass to current git HEAD
            - switched Harfbuzz to libass’ compatibility branch
            - compiled Harfbuzz without Uniscribe backend
              fixes lots of crashes and misbehavior

2011-07-29 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.24:
            - updated libass to current git HEAD:
                - fixed performance regression

2011-07-29 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.23:
        - disabled font hinting by default
            - updated libass to current git HEAD and included Harfbuzz:
                - added support for bidirectional text, Arabic shaping etc.
                - added proper support for @fonts (vertical writing)
                - slight performance regression
                  (glyph cache not hooked up with Harfbuzz yet)
            - updated FreeType to current git HEAD:
                - fixed outline stroker for some broken fonts

2011-06-16 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.22:
        - fixed hang when a glyph with zero dimensions was encountered
          (mostly vector clips)

2011-06-08 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.21:
        - finally implemented proper subsampling for YV12
        - temporarily removed YV16 support
        - renamed parameter verbosity → debuglevel
        - code cleanups
            - reverted to GCC 4.5.2 (4.6 miscompiles MinGW)

2011-06-01 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.20:
        - fixed the masksub stuff
        - properly output debug messages to stderr instead of stdout
        - reformatted source and corrected/removed some comments
        - modified CMakeLists.txt to strip the binary by default
            - now built with GCC 4.6 instead of 4.5.2
            - included enca again
            - patched fontconfig:
                - prettier debug output
                - use the correct location for its cache

2011-02-01 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.19:
        This is a bugfix/cleanup release.
        - fixed possible buffer overflows in timecodesv1 and SRT parsing
        - fixed random crashes on unloading
        - probably fixed compilation with MSVC (patch by TheFluff)
        - very slightly improved performance with GCC
        - various code cleanups

2011-01-25 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.18:
        - improved YV12 support (should be somewhat usable now)
        - added support for RGB24, YV24, YV16 and Y8 (YUY2 coming soon)
        - added SRT subtitle format support
            additional parameter: srt_font (font to use for srt subs)
        - exposed some libass parameters:
            line_spacing (line spacing)
            dar, sar (aspect ratio)
            top, bottom, left, right (margins)
            fontdir (additional font directory)
        - masksub equivalent if used on a blankclip
            (still buggy - read source for details)
        - no more global variables

2011-01-17 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.17:
        - added rudimentary YV12 support (chroma subsampling still needs work)
        - binary: Previously, I linked against a very old avisynth_c.lib - now
                  you shouldn’t get any error messages about “avisynth_c.dll”
        - tidied up the RGB32 blitter a bit

2011-01-16 - lachs0r
    * Version 0.15:
        - reimplemented as AviSynth C plugin - this fixed several crashes and
          got rid of the major pain in the ass that is MSVC
        - binary: built with patched Fontconfig (no longer needs fonts.conf)
    * Version 0.16:
        - implemented VFRaC support via timecodes files (v1 and v2 supported)